Archery as a form of physical exercise

Archery is an enjoyable, gentle way of getting some exercise and improving your general levels of fitness.

1) The fresh air is better than being stuck indoors watching the telly.

2) Walking is good for you; if you shoot a clout round with us of 72 arrows in 12 batches of six at 160 yards, you will walk 160 yards to get your arrows and 160 yards back to the shooting line, this gives a total of 3840 yards or nearly 2.2 miles.

3) Shooting the arrows is similar to lifting weights for the upper body, if you use a 50lb bow to shoot the 72 arrows as mentioned in point 2 you will have moved 3600 lbs in weight or 1.6 tons! Beginners start with much lighter bows and work their way up to stronger bows over a period of at least a year.

4) The walking and the shooting is steady and over a time frame of a few hours so you don't notice you are exercising, especially as you are enjoying your archery.

5) The exercise is noticed the day after you have been shooting, upper body muscles (especially your back and shoulders) 'feel' they have been 'doing something' and you feel fitter and refreshed (once any aches have gone!).

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