Have-a-Go Session Organised By Stuart For Three Of His Friends

Club Member Stuart organised a Have-a-go session for Svein, Gemma and Sarah,
we were lucky with the weather as the sun blazed down on us all day!
For have-a-go sessions we teach field archery style shooting, looking along the arrow at the target, with the arrow just under eye level. After an hour or two we teach the 'archers' to draw down the side of their face to try distance shooting.

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This is Stuart who organised the session, at 6ft 8in he makes the full length longbow look tiny, the arrow he is drawing is 32inches long! We think he is a natural for the part of 'Little John'
This is Svein enjoying the age old sport of archery.
Sarah adopting a dynamic, the wabbit has had it,stance.
Gemma, in the centre, has a lovely straight drawing arm/arrow line, almost perfect!
Poor old wabbit!

Feedback from Sarah

My partner, Stuart, is always raving about how much he enjoys going along to his archery sessions at Sherwood Forresters and so my friends and I thought we would give him the opportunity to show off and have a go ourselves. We went along on Saturday 30th May and chatted with some of the members. We were given a safety briefing and all the equiptment and let loose on a few targets and a poor paper rabbit. Our instructor, Peter, was excellent. He was delighted to impart his knowledge, both practical and historic, about the use of the English Longbow which we all found impressive and surprisingly fascinating. I would recommend the have-a-go session to anyone as its a delightful way to spend an afternoon and you may just fall in love with the sport! To the ladies.... remember to keep your elbow out of the way - we had a beautiful bruise the next day!

If you follow a line from Svein's right arm you can just see his arrow caught in flight.