Target Archery

Target archery involves shooting at round target faces varying in size up to 128cm at the furthest distance, this is the most common form of archery in the UK, you often see rows of round straw targets on tripod stands in fields as you drive around the countryside.
At SFLAC we also shoot traditional target archery. Target archery usually involves shooting rounds such as a Western round which is 4 dozen arrows shot at 60 yards and 4 dozen arrows shot at 50 yards, arrows are shot in batches of three or six and then collected. The longest distance is usually shot first. Skilled Target archery is the ability to stand on the shooting line and produce shot after shot hitting the target. In Longbow archery the first three places are usually won in the following way; the winner is the archer with the most hits, second place goes to the archer with the highest score, third place goes to the archer with the most golds. In Imperial Rounds the scoring is, Gold 9 points, Red 7 points, Blue 5 points, Black 3 points and White 1 point. In longbow tournaments we also count a white not scoring as a petticoat for spot prizes.

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