We welcome beginners to our Club, we run courses to suit an individual's needs. Our beginner's tuition is 1 to 1, we do not 'block' teach, this way a novice archer can gain better knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of archery. Some clubs seem to cram in as many beginner's as they can, we do not feel this is the way. Over some years of being in other clubs before we founded Sherwood Forresters we noticed that beginners who shot with seasoned archers on a 1 to 1 basis tended to gain more from the experience. They enjoyed the archery more, joined the clubs and stayed in them, whereas 'block' teaching only seemed to swell the coffers of the clubs, as beginners did not seem to join. We enjoy our longbow archery and want our beginners to enjoy it too. We don't expect you to wait 8 or 9 months for a block course, we teach 1 to 1 all the year round apart from July and August.

A course comprises 4 sessions to learn the basics of shooting, safety and etiquette. The sessions can be arranged to suit and can be spread over several weeks if necessary. We supply the bows, arrows and equipment.
We only shoot traditional English longbows.

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We usually run the courses at weekends, please contact us to sort times to suit.

The Beginner's Course costs £40 (£20 refundable against membership), Membership to the Club costs £95 per annum for adults, a total of £115 in the first year.

If you need any further information please contact us by
email : archery@sherwoodforresters.co.uk
telephone : Peter Burgess on 01623 556886 evenings, 01773 520021 daytime weekdays.

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There are three styles or techniques we use, the different styles reflect the distances to be shot, for instance, shooting at short distances is best accomplished by having the arrow quite close to eye level and looking along the arrow at the target, greater distances require different techniques to achieve the distance, accuracy or distance and accuracy.
A beginner's session will include 20 yard target shooting (Field Shooting Style) and clout (Distance Shooting Style). Target Shooting Style which takes a while to 'get the hang of' is taught once the beginner has joined the Club . The first lesson is usually distance shooting so beginners can get 'the feel of the bow' rather than become fixated on a target from the word go!